About Us

Since the beginning of time people have been very curious about everything that's considered exclusive. It's a way of life, an opportunity to feel above and beyond. We strongly believe in this idea. Now, Exotic Stop is here to provide all your exotic snack, soda and sweets needs. No more looking around in a hundred shops just to find something DIFFERENT. We got you covered!

We've always had a sweet tooth for sparkling goodness and a REAL hunger for the most flavorful CRUNCH. It's your chance to join the movement of standing out and simply feeling special. Exotic Stop isn't only snacks and drinks - we stand for something more which is a refreshing lifestyle. Whether it's a massive party, a classic Netflix & chill session with your babe or rollin'; round town with the top down.

Remember all those times you saw your fave rapper pourin' up some deliciousness in a cup filled with ice thinking you'd love a sip of that? Worry no more. It's here. The Exotic Stop way!